Bye, Bye, 2009
Windows Home Server Experience

Welcome 2010!

The year 2010 has started. What can be expected?

Since today Windows Azure is public available. For one month it's still free, payment starts in February.
I'm expecting it to take off in some scenarios and will be of big use soon. Of course I'm using it already.
Codename Dallas looks very promising.

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 will be released in April. This major update has some cool features for .NET developers, among them are

  • Dynamic Language Enhancements
  • Threading improvements
  • MEF is included
  • A new Workflow engine
  • enhancements in various areas such as WPF, WCF, ASP.NET...
You can read all about this in my upcoming book Professional C# 4 with .NET 4!

And Visual Studio 2010? Visual Studio is written with WPF! And this with lot of interop scenarios as many 3rd party add-ins haven't been done with WPF. It works! And after Beta 2 it's a lot faster!

Silverlight has other release cycles. Silverlight 4 Beta is already available. It's great to see support for printing, rich text support, COM automation support, "toast" notifications, read and write files from the local disk (for trusted apps), multi-touch....
Will the release cycle as fast continue with Silverlight 5?

User experience is becoming more and more important. I expect to see some cool looking apps in 2010. WPF and Silverlight can take off!

I'm already using Office 2010 since early Beta 1. Who is still using PowerPoint 2003? You miss a lot of improvments with PPT 2007 to create content a lot faster, and miss cool themes. In Office 2010 I really like the social networks integration in Outlook 2010. Can't wait to see twitter, and Facebook extensions.

Personally I plan on working more than in 2009 but less than in 2008/2007. Planning some time for my baby Stephanie :-)

What do you think about 2010?



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