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Windows Home Server Experience

Recently my home server showed a disk with the status “unhealthy”. Clients showed a red warning symbol to indicate the status of the server. Great information that cannot be missed.

It looked like the disk had several bad blocks. I added a new disk to the home server. After adding the new disk I could remove the “unhealthy” one with a simple menu entry. The removal process was working for several hours but failed afterwards with “conflicts”. Most of the files were moved, just a few had errors (probably the ones where the bad blocks are). With this issue an article from Lara Jones helped, “How do I resolve file conflicts”. Running chkdsk helped. The article also explains where to find the files on the home server, and how to resolve other file conflict issues. Removing the hard disk was successful after chkdsk.

Not a single file was lost :-)

I’m using home server to backup all my client systems, and running tons of network shares which are all duplicated. As an additional safety I’m running a Jungle Disk add-in within home server that backs up the most important network shares encrypted to an Amazon S3 account. I’m also using home server to remotely accessing my systems.

I’m glad to run the Windows Home Server with the easy to do management experience and can concentrate on the things I like to do :-)

Since Power Pack 3, the Home Server also has a nice enhancement for Windows Media Center. Now I’m interested in seeing the enhancements on a new edition that is based on Windows Server 2008 (R2?).

Links for the Windows Home Server:



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