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PDC 2010 Day 1

Microsoft PDC 2010

This year’s PDC is different. It’s a short one (just two days), located in Redmond, available globally, includes just a few future talks and several deep dives.

The session content is now online. I’m really interested in watching the keynote from Steve Ballmer and Bob Muglia.

This year, Ray Ozzie is missing. Ray stepped down as Microsoft chief software architect just a few days before PDC. Ray focuses in the entertainment space before he retires from Microsoft. There are also some sessions in this area with PDC 2010, e.g. “Things You Need to Know Before Building XNA Games” and “Real-World Analysis and Optimization of XNA Framework Games on Windows Phone 7”.

I’m sure the keynote gives also some entertainment Smile Ray never did such entertaining sessions Winking smile

What’s part of the keynote? News about Windows Azure? News about Windows Phone 7 with an update on copy&paste support? What’s for sure, news about Silverlight. One session on Thursday at 4:30 has the title “Silverlight Session Placeholder” containing this description: “This will be a great Silverlight session, but we can’t disclose any details until after PDC keynotes. Check this abstract after PDC keynote for additional details about this session.”. I’ll attend the Silverlight futures session!

What’s more? Counting the number of sessions this gives more details.

Anders Hejlsberg will give a talk on the future on C# and VB. In summary I’ve counted 5 sessions on language topics including C++ Lambdas, F#, and LINQ.

Internet Explorer 9 and HTML 5 gets a focus with site pinning, JavaScript and IE9, and high-performance HTML 5.

Windows Phone 7 has a focus with 4 sessions as well: WP7 and Azure, WP7 and Silverlight performance, experiences from building apps, XNA and WP7.

Other topics such as memory management, Entity Framework, OData, IntelliTrace, ASP.NET… are covered as well.

However, of course…. the biggest part of the conference is on Windows Azure with at least 12 sessions covering topics such as AppFabric Services, moving major apps to the cloud, Identity & Access, Storage deep dive, Inside Azure, Workflows, and much more. I expect many news on Windows Azure at #pdc10.

I’m travelling to Redmond for PDC, but this year’s PDC is also available globally. The local events can be found here. There’s one event in Vienna in the Village Cinemas. Here you can watch the keynote, get some hotdogs, and watch the film “The Social Network” while I’m at the sessions following the keynote.

Looking forward to #pdc10.


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