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PDC 2010 Day 2

PDC 2010 Day 1

Last year’s PDC was not about completely new things, but progress, updates to existing technologies. This continues with this year’s PDC. There’s great progress on existing technologies.

Some highlights?

Steve Ballmer’s keynote was on Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Phone 7.

Internet Explorer 9

IE9 has a big focus on standard HTML 5, HTML 5 features with hardware acceleration.

A differentiation of this browser in contrast to the competition is in the integration with Windows 7. Where WPF 4 got improvements for an integration with the Windows 7 taskbar, the same is now possible for Web sites by using IE9 features. This integration is really simple – using metatags to define the items of the jumplist, and a few lines of JavaScript to add custom functionality such as start/stop buttons to the preview.

IE 9 platform preview 6 is available at

Windows Phone 7

Of course Windows Phone 7 had a big focus at PDC. The phone is different – I’m already using it for a week, it is really different. Metro gives a cool UI experience.

twitter and facebook applications were shown – with great UI features.

And really cool – at least for all attendees - a WP7 LG Optimus 7 was given to every attendee (with the exception of government attendees).

Visual Studio gets a profiler to analyze WP7 applications. This looked like a great way to analyze bottlenecks.

For programming, Charles Petzold’s Windows Phone 7 book is available for download.

Windows Azure

Keynote part 2, Bob Muglia’s focus was on Windows Azure. It was interesting to see that Pixar RenderMan is running on Windows Azure. This makes it possible for smaller studios to create animation by renting CPU power for a specified time. I’m seeing Azure not only important for scale up and scale down scenarios, but also to have access from everywhere, from every device.

Windows Azure gets a lot of improvements:

  • Virtual Machine Role
  • Application Virtualization – transfer application images
  • Extra small instance – of course for a lower price
  • Remote Desktop
  • Full IIS
  • Virtual Network
  • Elevated Privileges
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Roles
  • Multiple Administrators
  • Marketplace – DataMarket (known as Dallas)

Was the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server too much admin work to consider? Now it’s in the cloud!

Windows Azure AppFabric has been updated with enhancements and new services:

  • Access Control
  • Caching
  • Service Bus
  • Composite Applications

SQLAzure with

  • Reporting
  • Data Sync


C# and Visual Basic next

The major focus on the next version of C# and Visual Basic is on asynchronous programming. Based on the Task<T> defined by .NET 4 the language keywords async and await have been added. These keywords make it possible to  that make it possible to write applications asynchronously in a synchronous programming style. This is really cool! I’ll blog some examples on how this can be used soon.

The Async CTP is available for download.

And More

With just two days PDC it’s not possible to have a session on every technology, which doesn’t mean there’s no progress. With PDC also some pre-recorded sessions are available, e.g. on WPF, and information on the future of WPF is here. Enhancements that can be expected with the next version:

  • Hosting of Silverlight content
  • Better AirSpace management with native HWND
  • Binding and change notification for collections from background threads
  • Better integration with UI virtualization
  • Integration of Ribbon
  • more…

Expect more of this content to be covered in my blog.


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