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Windows 8 - HTML 5, JavaScript & Windows Azure

Now we’ve seen the cool user interface of Windows 8. And we’ve also heard first information on the new application model: “Web-connected and web-powered apps built using HTML5 and JavaScript have access to the power of the PC” [source:]. This is great news for Windows as I think there are a lot more HTML & JavaScript developers than .NET developers. Everyone can write applications for Windows.

What so far didn’t make it to the news, I think Windows 8 is a big win for Windows Azure. What are apps doing? Apps offer an UI for using services. Apps probably cache this data locally, make use of several sensors available with the new PCs…  I want to use data created by the apps from every device I have. I want to use the same apps on every device (maybe with different features depending on the device) accessing the same data. This is a job for Windows Azure. Client side apps connect to data storage, access services running in the cloud. The server-side part is written with … C#, C++, Visual Basic… making use of technologies like ADO.NET Entity Framework, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation…

Will be all client-side apps written with HTML & JavaScript? I guess, not. I wouldn’t write an application like Visual Studio with JavaScript. Visual Studio uses WPF for the UI. A few years ago there was a discussion on WPF versus Silverlight. Now there’s a discussion on Silverlight versus HTML. Silverlight might now have caught up to WPF, and it would be possible to write the UI of Visual Studio with Silverlight 6.

Microsoft always offered great interop scenarios. It’s possible to use WPF within C++ MFC applications, use WPF within Windows Forms, use ActiveX controls within WPF applications… I guess that there will be interop features with the new Windows 8 app-model for many different scenarios mixing WPF, HTML, MFC…Don’t expect some interop scenario for VB 6 Winking smile

Applications like Visual Studio will not be written with HTML and JavaScript – at least not with the next two editions. Windows 8 is the first step in a new world, and more steps will follow. Thousands of applications can make use of the new Windows 8 application model in a pure fashion.

Let’s see what the future brings. Can’t wait on working with the new application model.


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The good part is that Microsoft's silverlight will embrace HTML5 fully. This could be something special.

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I'm not certain of this, but it seems everytime i read a tech news on techblogs, they always seem biased against microsoft and less biased towards apple and sometimes google? Its kinda weird for a "tech" blog to be that way.
I guess its because most if not all media outfits use Macs and finalcut for postproduction and they also love their shiny idevices. I'm and tech support person, with an iphone, wp7, HP windows7 with 8gigs of RAM, macbook pro with 6gigs RAM and honestly... i spent more productivity time on my wp7 and win7 than i do on the mac. I love the build quality of my apple though, but now with the debut of ultrabooks that have similar build quality, i'm not sure anymore.

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