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Real World .NET 4 and C#

While I’m already working on the next edition of Professional C#, my next book will be released in November: Real World .NET 4 and C# – Indispensable Experiences from 15 .NET and C# MVPs:


This book contains great information from 15 MVP’s. A lot of stuff is covered: ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, WCF, WF, User Stories, and Unit Testing.

On ASP.NET you can read about ethical hacking, getting the best performance out, and integration with JQuery. Silverligjht is shown in the light of writing real-world applications, MVVM patterns, and using Silverlight with the Windows Phone. Development driven by User Stories and Unit Testing is covered as well.

From the 15 MVPs, three of the book-MVPs are from thinktecture consultants. Christian Weyer covers pragmatic WCF, Dominick Baier gets into securing WCF services by using the Windows Identity Foundation (claims! claims! claims!), and I’m doing all aspects of WPF data binding.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book! Links to Amazon can be found on my new Webpage:

Real World .NET 4 and C#, get it from

Real World .NET 4 and C#, get it from


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