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Configure Windows Live Writer Drafts Folder with SkyDrive

This blog post is how to configure Windows Live Writer to save the draft posts in the SkyDrive folder.



I’m using multiple systems in my normal work. If I ‘m working on a document on one system, I want to work on it on the other system as well. The data needs to be synchronized. This is the same with Windows Live Writer. Sometimes I start writing several blog posts, continue working on it, and publishing it on other days.

If I just would work on one system, I would like to synchronize the data as well. This makes new installations a lot easier, as the data comes automatically to my newly installed system without talking care to copy everything.

I’m using SkyDrive to synchronize my data across different systems and into the cloud.  Previously I’ve used Mesh, but as this is discontinued I fully switched to SkyDrive. Using Mesh it was possible to define what directories should be synchronized with the cloud. Using SkyDrive, there is (currently?) only one directory available for synchronization. And the Windows Live Writer adds the draft documents to the folder <users>\<username>\Documents\My Weblog Posts.

Usually this is not the wrong folder, it’s within user documents. However, Skydrive by default uses the folder <users>\<username>\Skydrive. The draft folder cannot be configured from the Windows Live Writer options. However, there’s a registry key that is used to define the path for the drafts and recent documents: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live\Writer. The PostsDirectory string value must be added, and the string value receives the new directory, e.g. c:\users\Christian\SkyDrive\My Weblog Posts.

Found the registry information with LEHSYS Side Notes.



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That’s funny![yes] it works. And thanks for the mention. I have tested it and it works with both mapped drives and UNC paths now. I’ve been using this option for a few months now and I can easily blog from several machines without losing a thing; it’s nice.


Explore this blog where you find numerous writing tips amd related articles.


Explore this blog where you find numerous writing tips and related articles.

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