A Happy New Year 2013!
Buying Apps in the Windows Store with Family Safety

A Happy New Year 2013!

2013 – the first year with 4 different digits since…. since 1987!

My previous blog article was about 2012. What can we expect from 2013?

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Windows 8 was the start in a new era. Applications are becoming easier, specialized for a feature. Touch is an important aspect of the new applications. Focusing them to specific features makes them easier to use. However, with such smaller apps, communication between apps is becoming more and more important.

The new Microsoft design not only influences Windows Store apps, but also desktop apps (btw, desktop apps can be found by the Windows Store, and Windows Store apps can be installed without the Windows Store by using sideloading).

Windows 8 is becoming a cool operating system only with its apps. For 2013 I’m expecting many new apps; not only consumer apps but also LOB apps. Some of the LOB apps were already shown at the last Build conference, e.g. apps from SAP, Citrix, Hyland, Greenway Medical, and others. With the start of developing LOB apps for Windows 8, I’m expecting to see many new usability ideas. This is for accounting apps as well.

It will take some time before the desktop can be fully replaced by Windows RT. The year 2013 will bring some progress to this, but of course the desktop will stay important in 2013. Talking more time, the new UI will win. In reality, many users nowadays don’t need more than Windows RT. With more apps, Windows RT is becoming the future.

Many new Windows Store apps in 2013

Windows Blue was already discussed. What’s really behind Windows Blue we’ll see in 2013. No matter what this code really means, I believe in faster update cycles. Windows Azure is a front-runner with this to bring new features every quarter. Visual Studio is running with a faster update pace as well since the release of Visual Studio 2012. Windows should deliver faster updates, as well.

Last year, Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 8. With this phone update, the operating system for the phone is similar to the one for the desktop. In reality it’s not the same, but became more similar. With Windows Phone apps some features from Windows Store apps are still missing. I’m missing JavaScript project templates in Visual Studio, and some small parts like the HttpClient class (namespace System.Net.Http). I’m expecting some updates for Windows Phone in 2013 as well.

Faster updates for Windows, Windows Phone, Visual Studio

Continuing with development, at Microsoft Windows Store apps have a major focus – of course. I’m expecting updates for libraries, many new features, and features in regard to LOB apps.

JavaScript is becoming more and more important. JavaScript is not only used for client-side development, but on the server as well. Using table and blob storage with Windows Azure Mobile Services can be done using JavaScript – with the help of Node.js. Issues of JavaScript are solved with TypeScript.


C++ is becoming more important again. For 2013 I’ve already requests for C++11 workshops Smile


C++11 and TypeScript

Let’s make a move to hardware. Microsoft Surface Pro is available soon.


I’m already using a Microsoft Surface RT, running several Windows Store apps on this device. For development with Visual Studio I need a larger touch device. Hardware manufactures were not delivering powerful devices in 2012. Now some cool devices are nearby.

One powerful device is the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch


another option the HP Spectre XT TouchSmart


Microsoft Surface Pro or a powerful device such as Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch or HP Spectre XT TouchSmart?

In 2012 I completed the book Professional C# 2012 and .NET 4.5. For 2013 I’m hoping it sells well – and I’m already working on another book. However, the time is not right to talk about this Winking smile


Professional C# 2012 and .NET 4.5

A Happy New Year 2013!

Live long and prosper!



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