Tiles, Toasts, and Notifications in Windows Store Apps

Samples for my sessions from TechEd North America and TechEd Europe! I hope you enjoyed the session!

This sample shows tiles, toasts, badges, secondary tiles:

Tiles and Toasts Sample

And here are the sample to show different versions for push notifications:

Push Notifications


Watch this space for more information on developing Windows Store apps with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1!

DEV404 - Creating a Klingon Culture - More about Globalization and Localization

The session title "Creating a Klingon Culture" required some special action. The attendees have been really surprised seeing me as a Klingon. After the session not only questions have been asked, I've received more requests for pictures ;-) It would be great if you can send me the pictures you've done.

The session started with a introduction using the Klingon language before I've turned on the universal translator. It was really fun :-)

More about this session:



DEV404 - Friday - nuqneH


On Friday I'm giving a presentation about localization and globalization of .NET applications. This session will be a lot of fun - not only because of the many samples I'm showing ;-)

Come to room 3b at 4:15 PM, and you will see. You can bring your drums to have even more fun :-)

The samples I'm showing:

  • Review of Cultures
  • IDN
  • Creating a custom resource reader (reading resources from the database)
  • Creating a custom culture (.NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0)
  • New localization features for .NET 2.0 Windows Forms and Web Forms

Here are a few screenshots from the sample applications.

To give a short review about globalization and localization, the first sample application shows some aspects of a culture:


Very briefly I'm talking about IDN (International Domain Names) with .NET 2.0. Who is already using - or planning to use IDN?

Sample 3 is about calendars, and how to create a custom calendar. See the screenshot here for a Mars calendar. This way it is easier to travel to Mars and arrange the best travel times for a summer vacation ;-)


With the next sample I'm showing how to use the ResourceManager reading resources from the database. The screenshot here is already the extended version where not only resources for "well-known" languages are read from the database, but I'm also showing how to create a custom culture with .NET 1.1 by creating a Klingon culture.


If you don't plan creating your own culture you will also get some cool new information how resources can be used with .NET 2.0, strongly types resources, new features for Windows Forms and Web Forms applications!

I hope to see you there :-)


Preparation for DEV-404

For my TechEd session DEV-404, Creating a Klingon Culture I've not only prepared by learning the new globalization and localization features of Visual Studio 2005, I've also used two great books from Marc Okrand. Here are the links to Amazon.


Amazon Germany Amazon Germany

Star Trek Sessions at TechEd 2004 Europe

There are multiple Star Trek sessions at TechEd Europe! Holger Schwichtenberg includes tribbles in  his presentation

My presentation already has Klingons in its title:

Not only Star Trek fans will get a lot out of these sessions ;-)


DEV499: Building Extensible and Globalized Windows Forms Applications Using Attributes, Reflection, Code Generation and a bunch of Winforms Tips and Tricks

Jeroen van den Bos has a problem with simultanous TechEd sessions and proposes a new session:

DEV499: Building Extensible and Globalized Windows Forms Applications Using Attributes, Reflection, Code Generation and a bunch of Winforms Tips and Tricks

However, this session needs 3 time slots. ;-)

I prefer DEV404 - "Creating a Klingon Culture - More about Globalization and Resource Management". I will be there :-)


Professional C# 3rd Edition

Yesterday I've received my copies of Professional C# 3rd Edition. This book will also be available at TechEd Europe!

It's not only an update for .NET 1.1, now the book has 32 chapters.

The chapters:

  • The C# Language
    • .NET Architecture
    • C# Basics
    • Objects & Types
    • Inheritance
    • Operators and Casts
    • Delegates and Events
    • Memory Management and Pointers
    • Strings and Regular Expressions
    • Collections, Reflection
    • Errors and Exceptions
  • The .NET Environment
    • Visual Studio .NET
    • Assemblies
    • .NET Security
    • Threading
    • .NET Remoting
    • Localization
    • Deployment
  • Windows Forms
    • Windows Forms
    • Graphics with GDI+
  • Data
    • Data Access with .NET
    • Viewing .NET Data
    • Manipulating XML
    • Working with the Active Directory
  • Web Programming
    • ASP.NET Pages
    • Web Services
    • User Controls and Custom Controls
  • Interop
    • COM Interoperability
    • Enterprise Services
  • Windows Base Services
    • File and Registry Operations
    • Accessing the Internet
    • Windows Services

If you don't attend TechEd (or you don't want to carry 1400 pages), here is the link to Amazon.