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Hi. Thanks for your blog entry. I have managed to get failed request logs to work, but still have 2 issues. My logs are not being transferred to blob storage although my diagnostics startup does set the schedule transfer period for the directories.

Second, this is what I see when I publish my sample website. Is it stopping because of the loop in the powershell script?

2:02:02 PM - Preparing...
2:02:02 PM - Connecting...
2:02:03 PM - Uploading...
2:13:17 PM - Creating...
2:15:28 PM - Starting...
2:16:07 PM - Initializing...
2:16:07 PM - Instance 0 of role GMWebsite is initializing
2:29:40 PM - Instance 0 of role GMWebsite is stopped
2:29:40 PM - Warning: All role instances have stopped
2:30:12 PM - Instance 0 of role GMWebsite is busy
2:31:51 PM - Instance 0 of role GMWebsite is ready
2:31:52 PM - Complete.

Here's the link to the post in the MSDN Forum with more info: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/windowsazuretroubleshooting/thread/9b171c49-00b4-4b2c-9810-547067939942

Thanks again. Very helpful. --RobinDotNet

Christian Weyer

Hi RobinDotNet,

feel free to send me an email with your code and settings and I may have a look.
Wrt the init/stopped/busy/ready thingie: I see this frequently on different deployments and it has nothing to do with the startup task, AFAICT.



I'd love to send you my small test project but where do I send it? I've sent an e-mail to Steve Marx asking him to connect us, but he's a busy guy.

I've never seen this before I added in the powershell script. I'm okay with it, just want to be sure it's not a problem, and I know the cause, because the build engineer is going to ask.

Also, Failed Request logs are working, but can't get the regular IIS logs to copy to blob storage. You can check out my thread (which references YOUR thread) in the forums as noted above.

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