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I was able to deploy everything like you suggested. However, I get a 500 server error. Any ideas? Is there way to see where the 500 error is coming from? What about built in diagnostics.

Thanks in advance.


David Pugmire

So, uh, aren't there 2 databases? config and Users?

Also, what would be great is to use Azure Tables for this - SQL Azure is $$. Perhaps AzureProviders could be adapted here? http://azureproviders.codeplex.com/. I might just look in to a retro fit.

Great article, great project, thanks!

Christian Weyer

Andy & David: thanks for getting in touch - would you please be so kind and ask all IdentityServer related questions/issues over at the GitHub repo?



Is there anything more needed to do than whats in this post?

Tried with latest and it doesn't event start. (Hangs before App_Start)

Christian Weyer

Hm... this should be it :)
Maybe we can take the conversation to email...? christian.weyer AT thinktecture.com

Nick Pateman

Hi there,

I've followed the article but can't get the server to run locally. It craps out with SQL connection errors. I've updated all of the connection strings and connection providers in connectionStrings.config

There's 4 in there at current, your article only shows 2. I updated just those 2 to begin with and when it failed the first time I updated the rest.

Any ideas? Many thanks for your time.

Nick Pateman

Hi again, my bad, I got it working, the connection string copied from azure didn't have the password in and it contained unsuitable characters anyway so I changed it to something more connection string friendly.

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